Double Cake Smash

Don’t get me wrong, I love wild and colourful cake smash themes! But I think this simple, clean and elegant double cake smash is quickly moving up my favourite’s list. It was so simple that it didn’t take away from the absolutely adorable twins. 

As with all my 1st Birthday Cake Smash Sessions I started off with some pictures of the birthday babes before the cake. Not all kids like the actual cake part of the session, so this is a way for me to get them while they are still happy and it gives them a chance to warm up to what is going on around them and make them more comfortable. Nico and Joely couldn’t have been happier for the entire session but their little outfits pre-cake smash were just perfect.


Then we brought out the cake!!! I don’t know if they were quite sure what to think of the whole thing but it certainly didn’t take them long to figure it out! I am sure that most twins seem to share but apparently Joely’s cake looked better than Nico’s.



At this point I am thinking to myself, these two couldn’t be enjoying this anymore if they tried! My studio was a disaster! Easily the biggest mess from a cake smash I have had to date (which I love! That is a sign of a successful session!)  So I brought out the tubs to get them washed off…. well let me tell you! The cake was a hit but tubs were an even bigger success! Water EVERYWHERE!!! So many giggles!


SO much fun! Happy 1st birthday you crazy little twins! I hope you come back again soon 😀